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New Life for the Sweepstakes Ad

How One Company is Making Old New Again With a Unique Take on Sweepstakes-Style Ads And the Unbelievable Results They’re Getting Sweepstakes have been an undeniable driver of growth, particularly on social media. Brands ranging from health and fitness to snack foods to body care have tapped into the impressive power of the sweepstakes. With the possibility of winning something special (a spa day for two) or something truly unique (free pizza for a year), you can drive impressive clicks and conversions. But just getting that attention is no longer enough. Social media, paid ads and video marketing have all evolved. The core premise that drives that evolution, however, hasn’t changed much.  Consider that 83% of users in one survey, when asked what they would do to win a reward, answered that they would watch a branded video:  Source: MarketingCharts/HelloWorld Although this information is from a survey conducted in 2018, as you might imagine, the growth of video marketing has only increa