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The Birth of the Creative Hypothesis and How It’s Changing the Way We View Advertising

Nearly everything we know about the world and the way it works has been discovered by way of a hypothesis: an educated guess. In the world of advertising, the focus has always been on the audience and fine-tuning it to become more and more specific. In the midst of this rush to gather more data about prospects and work to position the brand as the answer or solution to their problem, the creative gets left in the dust.  Is The Creative The Missing Piece of the Advertising Puzzle? By not paying attention to improving the creative, advertisers are making an across-the-board assumption that the graphic or video clip is the foundation for the ad, but everything else is changeable.  These days, marketers are centered so much on “what the data reveals” that they pay less attention to “what is the question being asked?” The creative hypothesis turns this model on its head and proposes not only a creative-backed approach to asking a question, but also an intelligent method for finding the answ